With 4000 years of fighting wisdom, Shaolin Kung Fu Centre’s tiger style is a complete martial arts system that promotes traditional values and encourages a healthy lifestyle

Senior Instructor

Ian Ly

Ian Ly has been training in the art of Shaolin kung fu since the age of 5, and continuously strives to become stronger by sharpening his skills under the guidance of his Master, Grandmaster Ly.

Won Youth Divisional Categories in Kung Fu Tournament and Receive Title For Hall Of Fame 2018 at International Traditional Kou Shu Federation in U.S.A.

In July 2018, Ian participated at International Traditional Kou Shu Federation in U.S.A.  He competed in Sparring, Hand Form, Short Weapon Form, Long Weapon Form, Weapon Set Fight, Empty Hand Set Fight, and won gold medals for all the divisions.  At the end of the tournament, he received the title for the year and receive the hall of fame plaque from the Federation.

In 2022 and 2019 Medalist 

Both years in 2022 and 2019, Ian was competing at International Traditional Chinese Martial Art Competition organized by NTDTV in the USA and achieved Silver and Bronze medalist.
Silver Medalist for Yin Chi Pai weapon form, and Bronze Medalist for Wu Dip Seung Dao (Butterfly Knives) weapon form.

Training in Shaolin Tiger Style kung fu for more than one decade, Ian constantly trains to maintain his skill of kung fu at the very high standard in all aspects of his training whether in Qi Kung, hand techniques, kicking techniques, kung fu weapons, etc...  With his experiences from tournaments which took place every year, and some took place every 2 years along with all his achievements from there, he is humble learning, and sharing his knowledge of kung fu to all his Instructors and students of the school.

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