Grand Master Ly, Minh Hung

With 4000 years of fighting wisdom, Shaolin Kung Fu Centre’s tiger style is a complete martial arts system that promotes traditional values and encourages a healthy lifestyle

Grand Master (Si-Gung)

Minh-Hung Ly

Grand Master (Si-Gung) Minh-Hung Ly began his kung fu training at the age of 11 in 1978 in Saigon, Vietnam.
He immigrated to Canada in the 1980s and in 1999 opened the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre, where he teaches traditional, southern China tiger style Shaolin kung fu (Chinese martial art). Taught customized self-defense programs from 1987 to 1999

In addition to the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre, Grand Master Ly has also taught customized self-defense programs. From 1987 to 1999 his company, Tarian Group, offered 3-hour courses to corporations such as Investors Group and real estate companies, and provincial government offices.

Grand Master Ly taught the Self Protection Course for Men, and his student Ian Thomas (a former RCMP officer) held the Self Protection Course for Women.

Won gold medal in sparring, silver medal in hand forms at the Ontario Open Martial Arts Tournament Championships

In 1984 Grand Master Ly won the gold medal in sparring and the silver medal in hand forms at the Ontario Open Martial Arts Tournament Championships, organized by Ontario Goushin Suzuki Karate Club.

Since 1998, under Grand Master Ly’s instruction, and all the Masters of our schools, students of the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre have won many medals and trophies in various local and international martial art tournaments, such as

  • The 1998 2nd Pan American Traditional Kung Fu Championships
  • The 2001 Canadian Wushu Kung Fu Challenge
  • 2010 New Look World Kobudo Tournament
  • 2012 to 2018 U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament
  • 2013 World Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Competition organized by NTDTV.

Represented Chinese martial art (kung fu) for the Ottawa Chinese Embassy’s China Day Celebration

From 2000 until present, Grand Master Ly and the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre had the honour of representing Chinese martial art (kung fu) by holding demonstrations for China Embassy’s events, Taiwan Embassy’s events, and the Chinese Canadian Heritage Centre’s events.

In 2001 Grand Master Ly was honored with the official stamp from his older kung fu brother Grand Master Lam Van Ky at the school’s main branch in Vietnam.

This stamp, a symbol representing the entire tiger style system of Hainan Island, is used for certifying Instructors and Masters who pass the grading set out by Grand Master Ly.

Recognized by the Government of Vietnam as a government-certified Master

In 2005 Grand Master Ly was awarded a degree from the Government of Vietnam as a government-certified Master. He now administers all branches of the Shaolin Kung Fu Federation, grading instructors and performing other essential activities

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