Nando / Southern Broadsword (Steel) 38″ Live Blade


The Southern answer to the Northern broadsword is the Nando. With a straight blade and an s-shaped guard plus pommel ring, this southern broadsword is very different in appearance to its northern counterpart. This design is optimal for the powerful movements and techniques of southern style kung fu.

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This Nando was custom-made for Shaolin Kung Fu Centre, and is constructed with steel.  (sometimes called “white steel”) excel in performances for cutting practice because of their stiffness and rigid sharp blade.  With rosewood for the handle, brass for hand guard, and fitting, this is a one-of-a-kind weapon for cutting practice, great training Nando for those who seek for a nice and balance southern broadsword for training.  An great historical decorative piece to hang on the wall in the living room.  A must have for southern practitioner!  Blade is sharpened.

Highly recommended weapon for traditional kung fu practitioners by Sifu Ly.

Approximate blade length 27.75″
Approximate total length  38″

Include a vinyl sheath to protect the blade.


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