Entry Level

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The space dedicated to providing our club members valuable information and support.

Entry Level Grading Requirements (2 – 3 Months Of Training)

Grading Fees: $80.00 + HST

Training Videos

Dai Kiu Sao

Siu Nien Tao

Kicking Techniques

Hand Form

Weapon Form

  • 10 push up
  • 10 sit up, and 10 leg raise
  • 1st Dai Kiu Sao
  • Open salutation of hand form, then perform all stances of the system (Reference: check in terminology of the website)
  • 1st Siu Niem Tau
  • Stepping techniques with straight, low, and hook punches containing step up, step back, turn, step left and right, and step with turn up, then back to Say-Ping Ma and close hand form
  • Chine Foong Guek (front kick)
  • Thiu Chine Foong Guek (jump up with front kick)
  • Staff weapon stepping technique
  • Student oath, school rules and regulations (mandatory to score 100%)
  • Kung fu ranking system (mandatory to score 100%).

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