Be Healthier, Feel More Energetic, and Gain the Skills to Confidently Defend Yourself and your Loved Ones.


(And I mean really stronger!) Then this could very well be the most important martial arts class you will ever take.

Hand & Weapons Forms

With 108 drills techniques, 12 hand blocks techniques, 12 kicking techniques, 10 hand forms, 12 weapons forms, 6 set fighting forms, and self defense techniques. You will never get bored, and always motivated to train.
We are not responsible if something goes wrong

Self Defence

Gain the self defense skills with techniques of how to take down your opponents when attack by knife, stick, chain, etc… You need to defend what’s most dear to you, being admired by your loved ones is priceless.
We are not responsible if something goes wrong

Qi Qong & Accupressure

Discover our Qi Qong (meditation) breathing techniques along with Yin/Yang diet, and acupressure massage which will keep you and your family healthy holistically and naturally, with no side effects. Take charge of your well-being.
We are not responsible if something goes wrong
  • I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with the Shaolin Centre. The past five years of training have really been a life changing experience. I think that finding a teacher that is as skilled in the martial aspect as he is in the spiritual, is a great gift. I am very fortunate.

    Luc Charlebois

  • Well…I'm a pretty peaceful guy, but behind every peaceful-looking person is a pretty angry person, really. Shaolin Kung Fu Centre gives me a place to put that anger, because I get to 'act' like a tiger. Doesn't that sound like the ultimate therapy?

    Patrick Marshall

  • At the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre, I learned the proper way to breathe. I study a discipline that helps me to focus and to succeed in my professional life. I was a newcomer to Ottawa, but found a home in the school with Sifu, his family, and my kung fu brothers and sisters.

    Angèle Cyr

Pricing Plans

We have a pricing plan for everyone whether you want to pay monthly, or quarterly we've got you covered.


Not sure if our martial arts is right for you? Why don't you try it for a month to see how you like it.


Register for our quarterly  plan and Save $30 on your membership fee, this is our most popular plan.
$170 Monthly

Group Discount

Join together with family member(s) or friend(s) in our annually membership program to receive group discount!

Refer a Friend & Get Discounts

For existing members, refer friend(s) to join our annually membership program and receive discount coupon(s) toward your membership renewal!
Group of 2 gets 5 % off
Group of 3 gets 8 % off
Group of 4 gets 12 % off
For Bigger Groups, Please Contact Us
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