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Kung fu directly translated means “work”.

But to a true martial artist or warrior in ancient times, these two simple words had greater meaning.

Often, individuals had to give up everything in the material world, such as family and friends, to devote their entire lives to training without any barriers.

Some martial artist dedicate their whole life to martial arts

There are many people who have gone and are still going through this path, such as Shaolin martial monks, our Great Grand Master Lam Minh Hao, and other masters from various styles of kung fu.

Traditional Training Path

The training path is divided into three levels
Training the body, mind, and spirit in order to form a complete human being.


We first train the body by using various martial arts techniques using empty hands or weapons.


Then we condition our minds through deep concentration and breathing techniques known as Qi Qong.


Lastly at the highest level, the spiritual, we develop an immortal fetus, which is done in two stages.