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The Shaolin Kung Fu Centre

Chinese Martial Art Southern Tiger Style from Past to Present The Shaolin Kung Fu Centre has a distinguished lineage, tracing its roots back to the Ming Dynasty.

Introducing Founder - Jo Si Cheung Gau Yi

During this time, Master Cheung Gau Yi combined his family’s hand techniques with Master Choy Bat Dat’s family’s stances and stepping techniques. This combination was then introduced to the Shaolin monks in southern China.

master lam yu lan moves to vietnam

After the Japanese invasion of the island in the early 1900s, Master Lam Yu Lan moved his family to Vietnam. There he continued to pass down the art of tiger style Shaolin kung fu to his sons and local followers.

Tai Tai-Si-Gung
Great Great Grand Master

Lam Yu Lan

To select these leaders, a martial arts skills competition was held. Master Lam Yu Lan was one of the chosen and became responsible for the eastern territory.

Great Grand Master Minh Hao Passes Leadership to GRAND OLDER UNCLE (Si-Pak Gung Lam) Lam Van Ky

Si-Pak Gung Lam

Lam Van Ky

In 1995, when Great Grand Master Lam Minh Hao retired at the age of 93, he passed the leadership to Grand Master Lam Van Ky, who had been a good student of Great Grand Master Lam Minh Hao for over 45 years.