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With 4000 years of fighting wisdom, Shaolin Kung Fu Centre’s tiger style is a complete martial arts system that promotes traditional values and encourages a healthy lifestyle

The Shaolin Kung Fu Centre is an authentic, traditional, tiger-style Shaolin kung fu school headed by Grand Master Ly. We teach self-defense, Qi Qong breathing, proper diet, and spiritual growth. Hence you can improve physical and mental health, learn self-defense skills that will consistently place you at the top of local and international martial arts competitions.

We offer a safe and rigorous kids program that encourages all children to surpass themselves and be the best they can, while having fun at the same time. Our family-style environment teaches not only martial arts but respect for self and others. The Shaolin Centre is also the only school in the Ottawa area that offers traditional lion dancing, to further augment the traditional training.

Our Teachers

Grand Master Minh-Hung Ly began his kung fu training at the age of 11 in 1978 in Saigon, Vietnam. He immigrated to Canada in the 1980s and in 1999 opened…

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Our History

The Shaolin Kung Fu Centre has a distinguished lineage, tracing its roots back to the Ming Dynasty. During this time, Master Cheung Gau Yi combined his family’…

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Our Philosophy

Kung fu directly translated means “work”. But to a true martial artist or warrior in ancient times, these two simple words had greater meaning. Often, individuals…

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Traditional Kung Fu Training

Above all foundation training requires hard work and dedication. Great martial artists continuously drill in the basics so all their movements have maximum power and fluidity. Disciples in the old days first began by learning the basic horse stance (Say-Ping Ma) for a period of three months. As a result this builds good leg muscle strength, similar to the strong roots of a tree, making it very difficult to be pushed over.

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