March 19, 2018

Summer Camp 2018

There is nothing more fun than doing kung fu summer camp.

Shaolin Kung Fu Centre’s summer day camp will get your kids off the couch and out of the house so they can have fun, stay fit, and develop their physical and mental capacities in a fun, safe environment.

Develop Coordination, Flexibility, Strength, and Endurance

Coordination and Flexibility

At our kung fu summer day camp your child will improve his or her coordination, balance, and grace. Shaolin kung fu emphasizes flexibility more than most sports, as limber muscles translate into speed and power. In our classes, poise is achieved by maintaining proper posture at all times.

Strength and Endurance

We use traditional exercises to develop and maintain the strength needed to support the advanced techniques. As training is pursued, your child will find that he or she can work harder, longer, and with greater ease and enjoyment.

Hone Focus and Improve Learning Skills

Your child will learn to bring all of his/her attention to the activity at hand. Many children do not get this lesson in their daily activities and become easily distracted.

Learning is a skill. Children who work their way through our curriculum are learning to learn. The level of challenge, the individuality of instruction, and the visible results all work to make learning at our school uniquely valuable in the art of learning itself.

Develop Respect and Discipline

Your child will learn the value of respect. Students bow in and out of the school and bow to their teacher and senior students as a sign of respect. In return, they are shown respect by the teacher and other students at all levels. Students also learn to respect themselves.

At the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre children also learn physical and mental discipline. Along with physical training the children are encouraged to be compassionate towards their peers and pay attention to their instructors. They interact with other students and instructors who push themselves to achieve greater mastery in the art of Shaolin kung fu.

Make Friends and Improve Social Skills

It can be difficult for kids to go to a summer camp where they don't know anyone. We make it easy for your child to find friends fast. A camp friendship may last a lifetime, or only a summer, but either way our day camp offers your child the opportunity to branch out from their regular circle of friends and learn to connect with other people in positive ways.

Day Camp Curriculum

Your child will learn basic kung fu drills, and a lot of stretching and strength training to enhance the flexibility.  For those who are interested to attend the 2018 U.S. International Kung Fu Championship Tournament (July 28th, and 29th), our Instructor will work on those forms that his/her plan to compete with at his/her level. Beside, we use martial arts games to improve their coordination, balance, and endurance.

Day Camp Location and Schedule

The day camp is held at our school located at:

1884 Merivale Road, Unit 17

Ottawa, Ontario

K2G 1E6

For inquiries contact us at:

Via email: info@shaolincentre.com

By phone: 613-291-5227


Week 1:

Tuesday July 3rd to Friday July 6th, 2018 Price ($200.00)

Week 2:

Monday July 9th to Friday July 13th, 2018 Price ($250.00)

Activities starts from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Early drop off and late pickup is available upon request.

Early bird - register before April 1st, 2018 to save $15.

Register more than one child in the same household and save $10 per child.

Camp registration will be closed on April 30th, 2018.

Camps are conditional upon sufficient enrollment and are subject to cancellation or transfer to alternate week.

Your child is guaranteed to have fun. Register now as spaces are limited.

A uniform is not mandatory but always recommended so your child will feel like part of the kung fu team.

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