School Rules

Welcome to the Members Section
The space dedicated to providing our club members valuable information and support.

Abide by the rules, there are three warnings.

After the third warning, student(s) will be expelled from the school and no refund will be given at any time.


  • Properly salute your seniors (Si-Gung, Si-Po, Sifu, Si-Mo, Sipak/sok, Sihing, Sije)
  • Greet all members by seniority level and their name and salute; you should know all the club members’ names

Entering and Exiting the School

  • All students must greet Si-Kung/Sifu when entering or exiting the school. Be friendly and courteous to your fellow students
  • All students must address their Grand Master/Teacher/Mentor as Si-Kung or Sifu
  • All students must bow respectfully to the school and the pictures of our Shaolin line when entering and exiting the Kwoon
  • All students are expected to come to class on time. If you come late, you must ask permission from your instructor to enter class
  • All students must ask permission from their instructor if they have to leave early

During Class

  • All students must follow their instructor’s directions respectfully and promptly
  • Only instructors, teaching assistants, or appointed helpers are allowed to teach other students
  • Keep the school clean. Take your personal belongings with you when you leave, and put your garbage in the rubbish bins
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to practice
  • You must ask permission from Sifu or Si-Kung to spar or use the martial arts equipment
  • No one should allow taking or borrowing other’s equipment without asking it’s owner permission. If the equipment got broken by you, you have to replace it with an equivalent condition or better.
  • Listen attentively when Si-Kung / Sifu / assistant coaches are speaking, sitting (cross-legged with both palms on top of both knee caps), or standing up straight (feet apart shoulder distance, with the left hand holding the right hand’s wrist behind the back, and no talking)
  • Raise your hand if you have any questions
  • Maintain good posture at all times, no slouching
  • Keep talking to a minimum during class, only discussing relevant training techniques you are working on and keeping your voice low
  • Keep personal socialization for before or after class
  • Do not practice other styles of martial arts during the Shaolin class hours. You must ask permission from Si-Kung or Sifu to practice other styles in the school

Uniform and Personal Hygiene

  • Keep your hands and feet clean and your nails short
  • All students must wear the complete uniform to classes. The complete uniform is the school’s official T-shirt, a sash, black kung fu pant, and kung fu shoe if require or in the summer when training outside.  Nothing else. No head bands, wrist bands, etc. The uniform should always be clean (no smells or odours) and neat (no stain marks, no rips, and no holes)
  • Do not wear sharp or metallic objects while in class (rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, etc.)

Tuition Fees

  • All students must pay tuition. Any student who is two weeks past due will lose training privileges

Outside of the School

  • You are a representative of this academy, so act in public in such a way that you do credit to the academy. Do not create bad feelings about the academy because of your behavior
  • Do not criticize other martial arts styles or other people
  • It is expressly prohibited to represent Sifu by using his name or logo in any case
  • You are not allow to teach other or demo in the public without the permission from Si-Kung or Sifu.  Doing so will be getting terminate from the school.

Rules for competition and demo team members

  • One must maintain and achieve his/her grading a minimum of 80% pass mark each time tested for the ranking level, in order to join the demo/competition team.
  • Can not miss too many of your regular classes throughout the year.
  • Can not miss more than 6 classes per year of team training.
  • Every member has to participate in all school demo’s events.
  • Attend and compete minimum of 1 competition per year.
  • Everyone must follow Sifu, or Head Instructor for the guidance of what categories they should to compete in, when attend any competition(s).
  • Membership fee for demo/competition team must be paid in full, and is non-refundable. Members must follow the rules and regulations of the team. There are 3 warnings prior to expel from the team.