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Our Southern Tiger Style System Terminology

Ma-Bo - Stances

  1. Say-Ping Ma – Horse stance
  2. Sam-Goc Ma – Similar to Say-Ping Ma but upper body turned 45 degrees toward your front leg with 60% of your weight on the front leg and 40% on your back leg
  3. Bat-Qua Ma – Similar to Sam-Goc Ma but head turned 90 degrees and looking to the back of the body
  4. Cung-Chi Ma – Front leg bent 90 degrees and back leg straight
  5. Poon-Sun Ma – Similar to Cung-Chi Ma but body turned 90 degrees and looking to the back
  6. Cao-Ka Ma – Cross legs to form a “T” shape with the distance between the knees not exceeding the width of your fist
  7. Tinh-Chi Ma – Bending back leg with 95% of weight on back leg, front leg just touching the floor with the toes and 5% of weight
  8. Kam Kye Tuke Lap – Standing on one leg with other leg bent and knee raised up higher than the belt, covering the centerline groin area
  9. Quay Ma – Cross legs and sit down on the heel of the back foot.
  10. Lien-Fa Ma – Similar to Bat-Qua Ma, but life up only the heel for the front feet

Bo-Fat - Stepping Techniques

  1. Seun Bo – Step up full step to get closer to the opponent
  2. Thuy Bo – Step back full step to gain distance away from opponent
  3. Siu Tao Bo – Small moving step to get closer and push closer to opponent
  4. Hao Teui Chin Bo – Back foot moves to up to front foot, and front foot moves ahead one stance width
  5. Chin Teui Hao Bo –Opposite of Hao Teui Chin
  6. Thiu Tinh Bo – Jump to the side to escape an attack
  7. Thiu Chuyn Hao Bo – Spin jump back to escape further distance from an attack
  8. Chuyn Goc Bo – Turn sideways step to reset for upper hand offense advantage
  9. Tai Tao Bo – Big moving step, for escaping an attack and stepping in for counter attack
  10. She Bo – Skipping step for the escaping of an attack, and check for opening of the opponent

Tao Lu - Hand Forms

  1. Sub Pat Sek Ging Leh – 18 Strength for Hand Techniques form
  2. Seung Kuen – Double Fist Defence Multiple Attacks form
  3. Han Kuen Tao – Shaolin General Fist form
  4. Seung Niem Tao – Finger Power/Strength Training form
  5. Yi Sup Chat Kiu Sao – Twenty Seven Bridge Hand form
  6. Kuen Fa – Plum Flower Fist form
  7. Sam Chang – Multiple Elbows form
  8. Thoong Zhi Pai Kwoon Yam – Man Praying to Buddha form
  9. Ha Niem Tao – Tiger Comes Down the Mountain form.
  10. Lien Wan Chang – Combination Elbows form

Guek-Fat - Kicking Techniques

  1. Chine Foong Guek – Front kick
  2. Thiu Chine Foong Guek – Jump up with front kick
  3. So Guek – Sweep leg (180 degree for Novice 1, and 360 degree)
  4. Pien Guek – Round kick
  5. Do Guek – Side kick
  6. Hao Guek – Back kick
  7. Thiu Pien Guek – Jump up and spin with round kick
  8. Chuyn Sum Dim Chi Guek – Front kick with toe
  9. Chuyn Hao Geuk – Back spin kick
  10. Thiu Chuyn Hao Geuk – Jump back spin kick
  11. Choy Geuk – Axe kick
  12. Saw How Geuk – Throat kick

12 Kac-Sao-Fat - 12 Hand Block Techniques

  1. 6 Siu Niem Tao – 6 close-range hand block techniques
  2. 6 Tai Kiu Sao – 6 long-range hand block techniques

Pinh-Hay - Weapons Forms

  1. Tan Seung Tao Gwan – Staff or pole
  2. Yin Chi Pai – Willow board shield
  3. Tan Do – Single broadsword
  4. Ying Cheung – Spear
  5. Dai Pa – Tiger fork
  6. Nam Do – Southern broadsword
  7. Jam Ma Do – Short handle horse cutter
  8. Kwan Do – General Kwan’s halberd / spring and autumn big knife
  9. Wu Dip Seung Do – Double butterfly knives
  10. Sam Cheet Gwan – 3-section staff
  11. Seung Do – Double broadsword
  12. Gim – Straight sword

Other Common Terms Used in Kung Fu

  1. Kwoon – Kung Fu School
  2. Yap-Sat-Dai-Ji – Kung Fu in door student
  3. Sun Fat – Body technique
  4. Ngian Fat – Eye technique
  5. Ging Leh – Strength or snapping power
  6. Sek – An individual technique
  7. Dziu – Loosely translated is combination. A series of Sek (techniques) using momentum
  8. Leen Siu Tai Ta – Block with one hand and strike with other hand at the same time for defense and offense
  9. Chin-Na – Lock and take down techniques
  10. Fu Chuong – Tiger palm
  11. Fu Chao – Tiger claw
  12. Chang – Elbow
  13. Hao Kuen – Monkey fist
  14. Cham – Chop
  15. Ka Sam Sing – Three basic blocks for conditioning and training bones in the hand
  16. Kam Sao – Metal hand
  17. Mok Sao – Wood hand
  18. Suy Sao – Water hand
  19. Faw Sao – Fire hand
  20. Tow Sao – Earth hand
  21. Tan Sao – Hand block with palm up
  22. Pak Sao – Slap opponent’s hand for the block using the palm
  23. Lap Sao – Tiger claw pulling opponent’s hand toward the side for the block
  24. Huyn Sao – Block opponent’s attack using the wrist
  25. Hoi (Sea) Tai (Bottom) Lao (Raking) Yuud (Moon) – Raking the moon at the bottom of the sea.
  26. Mang (Powerful) Foo (Tiger) Wui (Back) Taou (Head) – Return of the powerful tiger.
  27. Hao (Monkey) Gee (little) Tao (Steal) Tow (Peach) – Little monkey stealing peach.