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Welcome to the Members Section

Here you will find valuable information on grading requirements,  the rules and regulations of our schools, the student oath and more.

The grading date for each month will be the last Saturday of the month at 3:30 pm (except Christmas and New Year Holidays).

Instructor(s) and Master(s): To maintain the quality level of teaching to members, and technical skill at an Instructor(s) (Gau-Lien) levels and Master(s) (Sifu) level, members at these levels have to re-test once every two years for maintain their certification as an Instructor or master at the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre.

Certification is issue by federation’s overseas representative Grand Master (Si-Gung) Ly, Minh-Hung Frank. Once these members have passed the test, they will receive a certificate stamped with our main branch’s (Thanh Lien) original stamp.