September 22, 2013

2013 International Traditional Kung Fu Tournament by NTDTV

NTDTV organized their 4th International Chinese Kung Fu Tournament for senior / instructor level to compete in this tournament. There are contestants from Japan, Australia, China, Taiwan, England, Canada, and United State competed in this tournament.

Zhi-Yong Gau Lien(Instructor), and Ian Phong Ly (Advance level 1) from our school went to compete, and below are their result:

Zhi Yong Gau Lien/Instructor - $1000, and Bronze medal for men weapons form division
Ian Phong Ly - Raising Star Award for southern hand form division

Congratulation to Zhi Yong and Ian Phong Ly for their achievement!

Ly, Minh-Hung Frank

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